Specializing in resume writing and formatting, interview preparations, completing references and exit interview services for clients.

Resume writing, critiquing and formatting

Resumes are THE most important gateway into an employer. Is your description clear of what you are looking for? Do you have the right wording? Is the format correct, along with the appropriate details? You want to be the ONE resume that stands out amongst the multiple others….. are you doing it right? Hire a professional!

Reference assistance

Choosing the right people to be your employment references is a crucial step in the job-search process. Although reference checks typically happen during the final stages of the hiring process, it’s a good idea to be proactive. You want the employer to get an accurate, honest, and realistic description of your personality and work ethic. You want a reference who can easily speak about your strengths and abilities.

Interview preparation

Are you confident going into an interview? Do you know how to answer an employer’s questions without hesitation? Do you know how to provide the proper examples of experiences? Do you know how to close an interview and what you should ask a potential employer? Hire a professional!

Exit interviews

Potentially the last impression you’ll leave your employer with. It’s your reputation and your personal brand on the line. And those will travel with you wherever you go. As an employer, understanding why your employees leave is key to retention. The goal of the exit interview is to receive feedback that will provide you with insights into how to improve your management practice.


Networking can be an effective way for job-seekers to gain a competitive edge over others in the job-market. Many businesses use networking as a key factor in their marketing plan. It helps to develop a strong feeling of trust between those involved and play a big part in raising the profile of a company.