“It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”
– Warren Buffett


Our organization had very specific – but high volume – recruiting needs and Trish accepted the challenge head on.

Even with our many internal idiosyncrasies and modifications to our requirements, she remained enthusiastic, professional and efficient in providing us with suitable, qualified candidates. Beyond merely sourcing candidates for us, her insightful and detail-orientated commentary provided us with tremendous value and helped us reduce our time-to-hire in a competitive industry.

Her resourcefulness, tenacity and ability to leverage her industry experience proved instrumental in helping us achieve our aggressive recruiting targets in 2019.
On behalf of all of us who worked with her from our organization, we would not hesitate to engage Trish again to help us with any future recruiting campaigns.”

– Natalie Ree, Personnel Coordinator, ECWS


Trish is a passionate, hardworking, and teamwork-oriented contributor with a proven track record of results. Her expertise in the recruiting process provided a significant boost to our leadership team and energized the hiring process for all stakeholders involved. Great recruiting leader with great results!”

– Jeff Tomm, Area Superintendent


Trish Schultz with Hire Solutions Inc. is highly professional, extremely driven and a pleasure to work with. We had a very positive experience in our search for talent – Trish worked promptly and efficiently to accommodate our needs and brought us strong candidates that met our requirements.”

– Alex Pricope, President, Oilfield Services/ Specialized Transportation


I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Trish on several fronts. Our professional relationship started in 2006 when she was partnered with me in a Recruitment firm; a position which demanded trust, timeliness, and unequalled quality.

When Trish launched Hire Solutions I seized the opportunity to retain her services to conduct an ongoing series of exit interviews. This was a lengthy and critical engagement and she delivered the exact depth of detail that was required. Most recently, Hire Solutions has been my “go-to” source for conducting reference checks on high-profile hires for a Calgary college.

As always, Trish has provided prompt, reliable services for the organization. I would not consider looking anywhere other than Hire Solutions for any of my extended HR support needs.”

– Isaac B., Senior Recruitment Professional


Trish was so great to work with. I had been off work raising my kids for 9 years and needed help making my resume look up to date. I was also wanting to switch fields. She spent the time and asked all the right questions to understand my previous employment history and volunteer work and made it relevant to the industry I was wanting to get into. I was a bit hesitant on paying someone to rewrite my resume but she made it stand out amongst hundreds of others to get me noticed. It was worth every penny. Thanks to Trish I landed my my dream job.”

– Bobbi Staples, Customer Service, WestJet


Trish Schultz is the consummate professional. From resume writing to interviewing techniques to uncovering hidden job markets – Trish was an integral part of my job search. I will be forever grateful for her support and words of encouragement.”

– Todd Dean, Senior Marketing Manager


I met Trish 12 years ago when I was looking for a job and she was a recruiter. Trish’s enthusiasm, energy and passion for what she does was evident from our first meeting and I knew that’s the kind of person I wanted to help me in my search. I really appreciated her honest input- it built a foundation of trust between us.

Recently, I returned from maternity leave and I knew I would be looking for a job. I immediately reached out to Trish to assist me with my resume. She gave me direction and feedback on effective resume layouts, the power of words and she helped me eliminate contents that wasn’t necessary. I feel confident in who and what my resume portrays and therefore I’m more confident in the interview.”

– JeriLee Meadus, Senior Accounting Professional