Specializing in this area for 20 years, Trish’s strengths lie in the full cycle of recruitment and selection; where finding the top- quality candidates for her clients is key.  Previously specializing in Corporate recruitment and most recently Field recruiting for junior companies, her experience is extensive.

Her on-going relationships and networks throughout the years continue to expand. Trish’s passion for doing a fantastic job in an area that she loves, gives her the ability to continuously grow her client base.


Referred to as being one of the most crucial steps in your job search, resumes are what you need to make a favorable impression on a potential employer.

Having seen thousands of resumes throughout her career, Trish is knowledgeable and experienced in knowing which information is pertinent on a resume and how to present it.  This is a significant step to your next job or career.


Conducting reference checks provides many advantages for the employer and simplifies the hiring process. Having conducted workshops on reference- taking, Trish understands that this is a vital step in the hiring process, also known to many as the necessary evil.  Detailed references can give employers a better understanding of:

  • How will this person fit into the environment/ culture?
  • How will they succeed in the role that is offered to them?
  • What are some of their strengths or areas for development that may help both employer and candidate be successful?
  • How do they react when faced with making important decisions?
  • How does their quality of work performed compare to the rest of the team?